4 Tier Standard (50cm/19.75") Portable Trade Show Display Shelving Stand

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4 Tier Standard Portable Trade Show Tabletop Display Shelving Stand.

A Sturdy Collapsible Display Stand That's 50cm (19.5") in Width.This portable tabletop display shelving stand gives 10cm x 10cm (4"x4") clear shelf space in depth and height. All our collapsible riser portable table top display stands are made and finished by hand by us in Lincolnshire in the U.K. The shelves are held together by friction and all of the joints are hand adjusted to be a sung fit.

  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble.
  • Hand finished to simply slip together.
  • Breaks down for easy transportation with minimal space required.
  • Hand picked timber boards.
  • Natural untreated Pine finish.

Optional Travel Strap quantity required for this stand is 2 Straps.

Each shelf is 50cm (19.5") wide and 14cm (4") deep (front to back) and about 8.5cm above or below the next the overall height is 46cm (18") and the depth (front to back) needed to sit the stand is 53cm (21").

(eggcup not included).

Please Note.

This natural wooden Display Stand is shipped without any finish applied.

As such it may be susceptible to the ambient conditions. For example drying out and shrinking in a hot dry environment as well as swelling in damp or humid conditions.

We therefore strongly recommend applying a finish of your colour and choosing to help stabilise the stands and prevent any movement.