About Us


Craftstands.com Started as many small business do, out of necessity, with a need for a product that at the time wasn’t readily available back in 2015.

“I had been working in my own woodwork shop for about 6 years when my wife decided to start making her own soap and bath time products.

“The first stand I made my wife was one that didn’t collapse and after a few uses and with the end of the crafting season the stand was put away or rather was left taking up room in the back of of her small van.

There it stayed until needed again the following Spring where by which time it was looking worse for wear with parts falling off and broken.

That’s when I decided (was told) to build something better. So I went away and designed the first stand and yes I did design that stand and I designed all the subsequent stands myself.

It didn’t take long after some initial road testing to see some adjustments were needed. So I made some design alterations.

Then before I really knew what was happening the product had a developed a following. First just by word of mouth but then shortly after back in 2016 we added our own website the thestuffilove.com.

Then more recently we moved to a dedicated website craftstands.com”

Stands started selling all over the world we now have stands in-

Alaska, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Japan, Maui, American Virgin Islands, Singapore and Spain.

Glynn Wright the founder and owner of and craftstands.com.